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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Likely Listens: Kitten

Its rare these days that you go a MySpace page that someone recommends to you and you actually get floored by a track. Enter Kitten, a band from Los Angeles that haven't even graduated high school yet.

Their track Don't Kill The Light is just a demo but its an absolute masterpiece. With soothing vocals, a killer hook and very reminiscent of Cat Power (but throw in a little more rock to the mix) its bound to have you hooked.

Did I mention they aren't out of high school??!! I officially heart Kitten and cannot wait for their EP.

Pavement REUNITED In Auckland, NZ

Its been 10 years since they've graced the stage together and some lucky folks in Auckland, New Zealand got to witness the band in all their glory at a venue called Town Hall.

1,600 people. 25 song set list. Amazing.

See for yourself...