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Friday, June 30, 2006

Confessions On A Blog Spot

Madonna is just the most fascinating woman...period. I finally got the chance to see her apart from Coachella where I decided to go in the pit and smelled like alcohol and fat gay man when I came out AND I couldn't see a DAMN thing...and she was just fantastic. She opened the show with Future Lover and continued on to play most of Confessions On A Dance Floor which was fine by me considering I LOVE the album. Then again I have been on this dance music kick lately where all I ant to listen to is old Primal Scream, Death In Vegas and the Hacienda Classics record which has Black Box "Ride On Time" on it.

Madonna emerged from this massive disco ball with a whole equestrian get up and danced like she was 18 years old. Somehow she found the ability to get on this swinging saddle and sing Like A Virgin at the same time and then she vanished into a floor in the floor only to come back on a cross and sing Live To Tell in this hideous orange shirt and maroon velvet pants. Jean Paul Gautier should have been shot for that outfit, shame on him.

Highlights included (because I could go through the whole show detail by detail and you'll be reading for an hour or just get really fucking bored) Lucky Star into Hung Up (where she had on that amazing purple leather jacket and she came out on a carousel like contraption), Music (complete with John Travolta a la Saturday Night Fever outfits) where she broke out her best 70's dance moves, Get Together and Jump. Can't forget also (even though not my favorite track on the album) about I Love New York...which she wrote for "us motherfuckers."

One thing tha was strange was Madge got a little too into the political side of things. Yes, she is a very smart woman. No she is not Bono or Angelina Jolie...keep it to a minimum. Even so, Fuck the NY Newsday writer for saying the show kind of sucked...he's a jaded cynical reporter that can kiss my ass

It was sort of emotional for me...I just think she's an incredible woman and she is so admirable. Enough with the sappy shit though, can you imagine being one of her kids and saying "Thats my mom!" Also, salute to the cute little boys who were doing the Hung Up choreography right from their seats...they made my heart melt! Note to self: Look like Madonna and be as cool as her when you are her age

Confessed? Abso-fucking-lutely.


Thursday, June 29, 2006

NYC Get Ready To Rock (or Dance!)

Tonight NY Broad (me) will be shaking her booty to the good ol' sounds of Miss MADONNA. I am so excited about seeing Madonna...its going to make my life. Actually I lied, the Stone Roses reuniting and playing in my living room would make my life but thats NOT going to happen...

Anyway, two great things to check out tonight if you don't have Madonna tickets!

A Place To Bury Strangers at Mercury Lounge at 7:30

or Daylights For The Birds at Sin-e at 8PM

You can go to both!!!!!!

Also, band of the day today for me is The Long Blondes

New York Broad x

only if you were the last junkie on my block

in response to NY broad's diggin on Dig! post, I thought I would bestow upon you all a photo montage of Anton at his finest:

aww, a boy and his sitar.

goofing around with friends. ha! ha!

ooh, smoking's so rock n roll.
guitar playing--even more rock n roll!


right before he bottled someone. oh we <3 you, crazy!

Not If You Were The Last Blogger On Earth

So I FINALLY saw Dig! last weekend and it was the most awesome. Usually I can't sait through an entire documentary without falling asleep or pretending to pee every 10 minutes just to miss most of the god damn thing. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and Dig! did even though I felt like I could have watched it for 3 hours longer then it lasted!. Everyone needs to go and see it.

For your listening pleasure Brian Jonestown Massacre - Not If You Were the Last Dandy On Earth

i'm your LA woman

no, that was NOT a doors reference. perhaps it's blasphemy, but on MY blog that's as close as we get to lauding them. however, i thought i would introduce the west coast side of things in a surly, seductive, leonard cohen kinda way. welcome to LA.

so, last night i rounded up all my work buddies to go see a special screening of the new leonard cohen film/documentary/live performance footage. i got there about 2 minutes late and caught one of the first performances they did. the filmmakers curated this performance at the sydney opera house with a few montreal musicians that were connected to him somehow like rufus and martha wainwright, aussie native badass Nick Cave and then... Jarvis Cocker. cos apparently "the punksters" like Death Of A Ladies Man.

the film was alright. the best bits were listening to an amazingly lucis leonard go on about his life, his music and how he sees himself as a singer, poet, lover, etc. he has a very humble approach to anythignhe does. hell--he became a monk!

if it comes ot a theatre near you, i reccomend chekcing it out. especially if you're a lukewarm fan and want a little bit of history. trust me, the covers are not up to snuff. check out the feature filter magazine has posted on the film here.

Exhausted ugh ugh ugh

Panic! At The Disco last night was rather amousing. After walking in the heat from 14th St to Times Square to head over to the Nokia Theater I definitely felt like I took a dip in the Atlantic Ocean. I felt a little ancient considering all the kids were 14 years old and had braces but thats ok. I saw my friend Marco who I hadn't seen in years and he said to me "You're still doing this?" in regards to street team work. I used to do it 6 years ago and I think I will never live it down.

Ran into Jamie and Ben from the fabulous Blender mag and they were doing interviews for Cingular for some possible promo. They interviewed me as a joke and I explained how hard it is to be "emo" and how much it hurts. I also wore my sunglasses throughout the entire interview and had crazy 80's hair in my attempt to look as rock and roll as possible...nerd central.

I have a massive headache right now and I am blogging from I must sign off.

xx New York Broad xx

or xx In Your Dying New York Broad Arms xx

emo gay emo emo emo gay gay

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Jobs are wonderful...but not today!

Today has been a long day in New York going back and forth on the hot subway holding Panic At The Disco flyers for this promotion the company I wrk with has been doing. Somehow I became the guilty party for passing out these flyers after the show to a bunch of anoying sweaty girls that will be squealing loudly when coming out of the venue saying "The singer TOUCHED ME!" and the next girl saying "Well, he SWEATED ON ME." Ugh, gross.

Secretly (NOW THE SECRET IS OUT) I like Panic! At The Disco...I know I know emo gay emo emo gay gay. Let me be emo, gay and 14 but I fucking like them. I'm a nerd...period.

Band to check out for the day...The Rifles! A friend of mine turned me onto them and I am in lurveeeee

FYI the Streets were so fucking good last night I wanted to scream. Mike Skinner's pants kept falling down and he kept having to pick that up. I thought it was cute and funny. Good tunes, great set list and a good crowd.

Mike Skinner is running the NYC Marathon...fucking killer.

Signing off
New York Broad x

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