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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Maximo Park Announce US Release Details

The boys of Maximo Park are back with their sophomore release "Our Earthly Pleasures" which actually gets a Stateside release on May 8th.

The first single "Our Velocity" definitely grew on this album is going to be one to look forward to.

The U.S. version will have a couple of bonus tracks (but that still doesn't make up for the late release)

Here is the tracklisting:

01 Girls Who Play Guitars
02 Our Velocity
03 Books From Boxes
04 Russian Literature
05 Karaoke Plays
06 Your Urge
07 The Unshockable
08 By the Monument
09 Nosebleed
10 A Fortnight's Time
11 Sandblasted and Set Free
12 Parisian Skies
13 Pride Before a Fall (bonus track)
14 Distance Makes (bonus track)

A full U.S. tour will be coming around in the summer...

NY Broad x

Ace Fu Loves You. I Love Illinois

The kind foks at Ace Fu have provided two downloadable MP3s for tracks on Illinois' upcoming EP "What The Hell Do You Know?" which comes out March 6th.

Illinois - Alone Again
Illinois - Screendoor

If you want more check out their MySpace page

NY Broad x

The Pipettes Sign a US Deal

I'm been raving about The Pipettes for quite some time as I'm a sucker for anything that is catchy. Since I heard "Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me" I was always thinking why these 3 broads weren't signed to a major and gtting some US love.

Well, they've officially linked a deal with Cherrytree Records, an imprint of Interscope Records and home to Feist as well.

They've got some US dates and will definitely be an act to watch at SXSW.

"We Are The Pipettes" will be out sometimes in the summer. Look out for an LA date coming your way as well...

NY Broad x

Photo Credit: Danny North

Razorlight Plays Bowery Ballroom

Two words...fucking amazing! Now, I was always a Razorlight fan but never got the opportunity to see them live. On Monday night at Bowery ballroom I must say I was SHOCKED at how good the band were. The set was amazing, the band was tight and the crowd was nuts!

Opening with In The Morning, you know there were some Brits in the house as the front of the place was jumping up and down so much I'm surprised the floor didnt collapse! The set was perfect with a mix of new tracks and old times even encouraging the crowd to sing along.

The set list was as follows:

'In The Morning'
'Hold On'
'Golden Touch'
'Back To The Start'
'Don't Go Back To Dalston'
'Pop Song 2006'
'LA Waltz'
'Before I Fall To Pieces'
'Can't Stop This Feeling I've Got'
'Somewhere Else'
'Kirby's House'
'Who Needs Love?'
'In The City'
'Fall, Fall, Fall'
'Stumble And Fall'

I can't stress how fucking awesome this show was...and for all you Midwest and West Coasters you still have a chance to see them live.

Here are the remainder of the tour dates:

Mar 1 2007 Mod Club Toronto
Mar 3 2007 Martyrs Chicago
Mar 4 2007 Varsity Theatre Minneapolis
Mar 7 2007 Slims San Francisco
Mar 9 2007 El Rey Theatre Los Angeles
Mar 10 2007 Casbah San Diego
Mar 12 2007 Salon 21 Mexico City
Mar 14 2007 SXSW - Stubbs Barbeque Austin, Texas
Mar 16 2007 SXSW Festival - Zona Rosa Austin, Texas

Be sure to check them out on their official site or their MySpace page

NY Broad x

Photo credit: NevBrown

Monday, February 26, 2007

The Who Top Teen Poll

The Who are still cool...and they always will be. According to a new poll, "My Generation" is the most popular teen anthem ever! Second to the The Who is Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" (go Queens!) and then Alice Cooper's "School's Out For Summer".

Researcher Howard Bowden, of PR firm 3 Monkeys, said: “My Generation is closest to expressing the confusion, anger and excitement of being a teenager.”

NY Broad x

Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Rakes - We Danced Together video

I have been raving about the new Rakes single for a while so I figured it was only appropriate to share the video as well. Its quite lovely!

NY Broad x

Friday, February 23, 2007

Ash Start A Fire

So not only did KC bestow a great b-side on us today, Ash decided to make my day that much better and offer a FREE download of their psuedo single (the official single is a different track) from their forthcoming album (due out sometime in July 07).

This marks the first release since hottie, barefoot-playing guitarist Charlotte Hatherly left the band to pursue her own solo career... which coincidentally has sunked to the level of having songs with the title "Mr. Ed." Bad move, Chaz.

But, this is all good news for Ash. Stripping down to thier 3 piece original line-up has made them more focused on the spirit of their earlier albums and lost the agonising drone of their faux-metal catalogue that was 2005's Meltdown. But, I'm an Ash fan til the end, so they can have as many second chances with me as they like.

Decide for yourself whether the new stuff is worth it (which it is):

Ash - I Started A Fire

And check out these new press photos.. daaaaaamn...

x LA Broad

Kaiser Chiefs Make Lovely B-Sides

The Kaiser Chiefs have slowly been creeping their way up into adore status lately for some reason. I think it just hit its peak after spinning the UK 7" of Ruby and hearing their amazing B-Side "Admire You". I fell in love at first listen and I think you will as well.

Kaiser Chiefs - Admire You

The Kaiser Chief's new album "Yours Truly, Angry Mob" is release in the US on March 1st.

*thanks to Born By The River for the MP3

NY Broad x

Liam Gallagher - When Stars Attack

The latest celebrity to attack the paparazzi this time around is none other than Liam Gallagher. When he was out with his 5 year old son Gene and his girlfriend Nicole Appleton,Liam had a nice little fight with a photographer snapping at him.

Watch the video and see for yourself:

Liam and Britney should hang out. They can shave their heads and beat up up photographers together...sounds like a good time.

The Rakes Get Fashionable

Lead singer of The Rakes has taken the trail of singer turned model and is now the face of Fred Perry for the company's 2007 global campaign.

Richard Martin (head of Marketing for Fred Perry worldwide) said:
"It made sense to work with The Rakes as we know the band are big fans and wear our product. I think they typify the spirit of Fred Perry... both never follow the crowd and are distinctive in look and sound."

Their single "We Danced Together" (which is fucking brilliant) comes out in the UK March 12th. As for the US, the band was on V2 so who knows where their home will be :(

NY Broad x

Thursday, February 22, 2007

JellyNYC Brings The Summer Party Back

Although I never ended up making it out to the free McCarren Pool gigs thrown by JellyNYC last summer I still heard amazing things about them.

Here is the JellyNYC schedule for the summer:

June 24
July 1
July 8
July 15
July 22
July 29
August 5
August 12
August 19

Its going to be bigger and better this year so make sure to check it out...I know I will!

NY Broad x

Mika Does New York and Los Angeles

So 2007 can pretty much be declared the year of Mika! He's coming over to do a couple of Stateside gigs and after his impressive performance at The Box in New York (and the fact that I ate all the cotton candy that my heart desired) these shows are definitely going to be AMAZING!

Here are the dates:
3/25 - The Troubador Los Angeles, CA
3/29 - Grammercy Theater New York, NY

I don't have on sale info but when I do I promise to pass it on.

NY Broad x

Lily Allen vs Lady Sovereign

Its always a battle with SOMEONE for Lily Allen! This time around Lady Sov gives Lily a piece of her mind and Liyl fights back.

Here's what she has to say on her MySpace:

Dear Lady Sovereign

In response to Miss sovereigns comments , I've spoken to my Dad and he says he'd be happy to adopt you if you think it will give you a leg up .

The 21-year-old rapper - who is enjoying chart success in the US - thinks it is unfair she is attacked in Britain for her sense of style, while Lily is lauded for her quirky dress sense.
Lady Sovereign told the Observer Music Monthly magazine: 'I'm not appreciated. You get some of the media hating people like me 'cause they're chavish but Lily is the biggest chav going and everyone seems to love her.' The 'Public Warning' singer insists she doesn't hate Lily, but thinks she has had it easy, because she is the daughter of successful comic actor Keith Allen.
She added: 'I'm not hating on her but someone like Lily Allen, just 'cause her dad's famous, doesn't have to work as hard as someone like me.' The Wembley-born MC also claims her next album is going to be so controversial, her record label Def Jam will 's**t themselves'.
The rapper - who can count Nas and LL Cool J as her label mates - said: 'If they think my current album is irregular the next one's going to be pretty f**ked up. I've got so many things to say. They're going to s**t themselves.'

No wonder why she was caught hanging out with the Gallaghers after the Brits...she was getting a few lessons!

NY Broad x

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Lily Allen Designs Some Clothes

It was bound to happen that Lily Allen was going to design clothes for somewhere sometime. After the Chanel craze with Lily possibly as the new face of the line and also something in the works for Nike, finally the official Lily line is going to be at High Street store "New Look" in the UK.

The line is going to be a "capsule wardrobe" and is set to be called "Lily Loves"

NY Broad x

Babyshambles At Brixton Academy

Sorry for the lack of updates...I've been on vacation and its been a bit hard to get to the computer and update the blog. On Sunday, February 18th Babyshambles (actually) played a fucking phenomenal show at Brixton Academy for the NME Shockwave Awards.

The show started out a bit late as Pete showed up to the venue right as the band was supposed to go on. There was a bit of a scare that the show was going to end quickly with Pete walking off stage after 2 songs due to the crowd getting a bit rowdy.

The show continued as the band played a set of Babyshambles hits, complete with Kate Moss coming on stage for her part on "La Belle Et La Bête" (with a very nice ensemble of course) and also playing a song "they've never played before", Wolfman came on stage and performed "For Lovers".

Of course, no Babyshambles show would be complete without a couple of old school Libertines tunes...which they definitely played. Doing "Time For Heroes" the crowd went NUTS!

Fuck Forever could have been the best track of the night with the crowd screaming along the whole time.

I never ever thought I'd see Babyshambles but thank god I was worth the wait.

Photo credit Aworan

NY Broad x

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Lily Allen at Webster Hall

Sorry for the super late posting on Lily Allen's show at Webster Hall. Lily was absolutely adorable and she has come light years since her show at Hiro Ballroom. This time around the setlist was 15 songs long and Lily engaged the crowd, aughed throughout the set and definitely didn't seem nervous at all.

Here is the setlist:

Nan You're a Window Shopper (50 Cent cover)
Knock 'Em Out
Shame on You
Littlest Things
Cheryl Tweedy
Everybody's Changing (Keane cover)
Naive (Kooks cover)
Not Big
Absolutely Nothing
Everything Is Wonderful
Friend of Mine
Friday Night
Encore: Blank Expression (Specials cover)

I was so glad she played all her great covers, especially Blank Expression. The show was lovely, Lily is lovely and after absolutely falling in love with her as an artist seeing her on the stage just made me thrilled that an audience as huge as that embraced her. Cal me a geek...its cool.

NY Broad x

Brit Awards Winners 2007 and OASIS Win Outstanding Contribution to Music Award

Lily Allen was right...she didn't win one damn award. Even though I am currently in London, I didn't bother to watch he Brits...I preferred go to see Blood Red Shoes DJ and watch a bunch of British indie kids go mental to ABBA...I loved it.

Anyway, here are the Brit Awards 2007 winners:

British Male Solo Artist James Morrison
British Female Solo Artist Amy Winehouse
British Group Arctic Monkeys
MasterCard British Album Arctic Monkeys
“Whatever people say I am, that’s what I’m not”
British Single Take That “Patience”
British Breakthrough Act Fratellis
British Live Act Muse
International Male Solo Artist Justin Timberlake
International Female Solo Artist Nelly Furtado
International Group The Killers
International Album Killers “Sam’s Town”
International Breakthrough Act Orson
Outstanding Contribution to Music Oasis

Oasis also played an amazing (yet short) set concluding the ceremony which consisted of the following songs:
'Cigarettes & Alcohol'
'The Meaning Of Soul'
'Morning Glory'
'Don't Look Back In Anger'
'Rock 'N' Roll Star'

NY Broad x

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Arcade Fire Announce North American Tour

After the dreadful ticket nightmare getting Arcade Fire tickets in New York the first time around, I guess the band have felt that they need to make it up to us and the rest of the country by going on a North American tour.

Here are the dates:

San Diego, CA Spreckels Theatre (April 26)
Indio, CA Coachella (28)
Atlanta, GA Civic Center (May 1)
Asheville, NC Thomas Wolfe Auditorium (2)
Washington, DC DAR Constitution Hall (4)
Philadelphia, PA Tower Theatre (5)
New York, NY TBA (7-9)
Boston, MA Orpheum Theatre (10)
Montreal, Quebec Arena Maurice Richard (12,13)
Toronto, Ontario Massey Hall (15,16)
Chicago, IL Chicago Theatre (18,19,20)
Portland, OR Schnitzer Concert Hall (27)
Berkeley, CA Greek Theatre (June 1,2)

Here is the band coming The Clash's "Guns of Brixton" in London:

Monday, February 12, 2007

The Police Announce North American Tour

Finally the dates are here:

Vancouver GM Place (May 28)
Seattle Key Arena (June 6)
Denver Pepsi Center (9)
Las Vegas MGM Garden Arena (15)
Bonnaroo Festival (16)
Phoenix US Airwaves Arena (18)
Dallas American Airlines Center (26)
New Orleans Arena (June 30)
St Louis Scottrade Center (July 2)
Toronto Air Canada Center (22)
Montreal Bell Centre (25)
Boston Fenway Park (28)
New York Madison Square Garden (August 1,3)

These are going to be mental!

If you missed the Grammy reunion here it is:

Friday, February 09, 2007

Revisting Britpop's Glory Years with Sleeper

Rediscovering all your old music is always a fun task. Last night I rediscovered how much I love Sleeper

Here is their video for "What Do I Do Now" which was from their fantastic album The It Girl

NY Broad x

The Stooges Announce Tour Dates

Holy this is what I'm talking about

Here are the upcoming Stooges
Mar 8 - Caprices Festival Crans-Montana
Mar 17 - SXSW Festival Austin, TX
Apr 7 - Orpheum Boston, MA
Apr 9 - United Palace New York, NY
Apr 13 - Fox Theatre DETROIT, MI
Apr 17 - Filmore Auditorium Denver, CO
Apr 19 - The Warfield San Francisco, CA
Apr 27 - WaMu Theater at Qwest Field Events Seattle, WA
Jul 21 - Tromso Open Air Festival Bukta

I will be at the NYC and Austin shows with bells on...really loud bells.

NY Broad x

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Amy Winehouse - US Mini Tour and Back To Black US Tracklisting

Amy Winehouse has been getting a lot of love since she came over to play her first US shows a few weeks ago.

Amy is back for another round in the US playing NY again, LA and SXSW

3/13 - Bowery Ballroom NYC (with the Pipettes)

and DAVID LETTERMAN on 3/13...woohoo!

3/15 - SXSW Austin(Universal Republic Showcase)
3/16 - SXSW Austin (Island UK BBQ)

3/19: The Roxy, LA
3/20: Spaceland, LA

for all the LA Amy action make sure to check out Popbytes!!!!!

Also, here is the US traclisting for "Back To Black":

1. Rehab
2. You Know I'm No Good
3. Me & Mr. Jones
4. Just Friends
5. Back To Black
6. Love Is A Losing Game
7. Tears Dry On Their Own
8. Wake Up Alone
9. Some Unholy War
10. He Can Only Hold Her

Where is Addicted? What a bunch of fuckers for not putting that song on the US release.

NY Broad x

SXSW Official List Finally Up!

Here is the official list for bands playing SXSW so far. I can't even read the makes my eyes hurt.

All I know is this flier was released today on Stereogum and Paolo Nutini, Kings of Leon and The Stooges are playing on one stage...there goes my Saturday night plans

NY Broad x

Lily Allen Hates Jet, Loves Kasabian and Trashes Dressing Rooms!

As busy as Lily Allen is she still has time every know and then to write a blog entry on her MySpace page. This time around Lily has it out with Jet, goes to see Kasabian not once but TWICE and trashes her dressing room.

"So, I havn't written to you guys since the middle of our Australia trip , It turns out the night before I wrote my last blog I managed to get into a fight with the band Jet , I wound Chris the drummer up the wrong way and he flicked a cigarette at me , I then threw a bottle at him which luckily missed and all hell broke loose , I have no recollection of the whole event", says Lily.

You'll have to check out her MySpace page to get all the pretty pictures but here is one from her trip...

Don't forget to catch her on her Discover and Download tour thats sponsored by go there to get loads of exclusives from the tour as well!

NY Broad x

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Klaxons North American Dates Announced

Klaxons are gearing up to bring a little new rave to North America with a tour that starts in April. I guess no SXSW :(

Here are the dates:

Toronto Lee's Palace (April 8)
New York Bowery Ballroom (10)
Boston Great Scott (11)
Brooklyn Studio B (13)
Philadelphia Transit (14)
Chicago Schubas Tavern (16)
Minneapolis 7th Street Entry
Denver Larimer Lounge (19)
Vancouver Richard's On Richards Cabaret (22)
Seattle Crocodile Cafe (23)
Portland Dante's (24)
San Francisco Popscene at 330 Ritch (26)
Indio California Coachella Festival (29)

NY Broad x

Lily Allen Breaks the US Top 20

Lily Allen has hit the Billboard Top 200 at #20 this week with 34,000 copies sold! Nice one Lily :)

NY Broad x

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Paul Weller Does The Jam....uhhhh Maybe Not

Shame on me for not getting this up sooner but its been a bit busy in my world. Regardless, getting to see Paul Weller at Irving Plaza the first night of the tour was amazing! As much as I was a bit devasated about it not being ALL JAM stuff it was still a pleasant surprise of great Jam songs and a fantastic selection of solo stuff.

Some weirdos paid $650 for a thats devotion. I think the only thing I would pay that for is Oasis performing in my living room...

I'm going to keep this short and sweet...Weller's never been better and the crowd went mental for all The Jam stuff. The solo stuff slowed things down a bit but ending with A Town Called Malice got the place going insane! I have never seen so many older men dance in one place...and I fucking loved it!

Unfortunately I did not going to the other 2 nights but I heard they were awesome.

Here is the set list courtesy of ProductShopNYC:

Shopping^ / Tales from a Riverbank^ / Carnation^ / English Rose^ / That's Entertainment^ / Man in the Corner Shop^ / Thick as Thieves^ / In the Crowd^ / From the Floor Boards Up* / Paper Smile* / All the Pictures on the Wall* / Above the Clouds* / Running on the Spot^ / Porcelain Gods* / I Walk on Gilded Splinters* / Wildwood* / Savages* / Fly Little Bird* / Pebble and the Boy* / Broken Stones* / You Do Something to Me* / Come On Let's Go* / Changing Man* / Foot of the Mountain* // I Wanna Make It Alright* // Sunflower* // Town Called Malice^
I love YouTube...check out this clip of Paul doing "Thats Entertainment"...amazing!

NY Broad x

Monday, February 05, 2007

If He's Good Enough For MIA...

Then he's good enough for me. I just caught on (I'm slow) to a relativey well-known DJ/producer, Switch. This guy has gottena hold of some of the best new bands and completely fucked up (in a good way) their shit. Check out this awesome Spank Rock remix. he somehow made Baltimore sound that much more dirrrty.

Switch - Spank Rock "Bump" Remix MP3

not a looker, but damn he makes me wanna dance...

So, I am in luck. he's coming around to franki chan's Check Yo Ponytail this week. The club with the best. name. ever. If you're in LA, swing on by....

And, here's a sneak peek of what he's got going on with Miss MIA below--you read my mind NY broad...

x LA broad

M.I.A. Has Bird Flu

M.I.A. is back with a new single and video called Bird Flu. You can hear new tracks on her MySpace and check out the video for Bird Flu here:

NY Broad x

Lily Allen Kicks Off The First MTV Discover and Download Tour

Miss Lily Allen is kicking off the first ever Discover and Download tour tonight at the Henry Fonda Theater in Los Angeles.

Be sure to check out for exclusive Lily download and other fun stuff starting TODAY!

Can't wait for the Webster Hall show on Saturday!

NY Broad x

Razorlight's Onstage Fight

Razorlight may be one of the bggest bands in the UK but that doesn't stop them from acting like a bunch of babies. At their gig in Lyon last night, the band were forced to halt their performance after Johnny Borrell and bassist Carl Dalemo involved in an argument onstage.

Halfway through the set, Borrell just left the stage and the rest of the band followed.

Andy Burrows (Razorlight's drummer) did apologize to the fans after he went off stage as sweet

NY Broad x

Maximo Park - Our Velocity

Here is the new Maximo Park video for "Our Velocity"

The song sort of sounds like it could be on Broadway but its grown on me...give it a chance and I promise you'll love it.

NY Broad x

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Lily Allen On SNL

Lily Allen looked absolutely adorable last night on SNL. Judging from her first performances on American TV till now her confidence has grown and her voice sounded amazing!

Here is Lily doing "Smile":

and LDN:

Lily's MTV Discover and Download tour stats tomorrow in Los Angeles so be sure to grab tickets for it if you haven't already done so (IF its not sold out).

NY Broad x

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Lily Allen's New Video For Alfie!

Lily's new video for Alfie is absolutely adorable! The video was shot in Tokyo and replaces her brother for a puppet...

Here is the video:

The double A Side single for Alfie/Everything's Just Wonderful will be released on March 5th in the UK.

NY Broad x

Friday, February 02, 2007

The Automatic Beat Fans Up

First Pennie kicks off the week by accidentally breaking a fan's glasses in Belfast. Then he just beats one up in Dublin...

An Automatic fan at the show told "Some guy from the audience managed to climb up on one of the speaker stacks and lit a cigarette, thus flouting the smoking ban. Pennie just went mental and went up after him where the pair of them engaged in some wrestling before it all spilled over onto the stage.

"Pennie looked to have hit your man a slap before Rob Hawkins (The Automatic frontman) intervened and turfed him out. It was weird, there was no bouncers to be seen, and the 'fan' was brought backstage, leading many to believe he might have been Peter (Reilly, guitarist) from The View, but I don't think he was.

Pennie then bizarrely apologised for the incident. It was strange. Just before that Rob had fallen on his arse after leaping in the air during 'By My Side'."

Whoa...don't fuck with The Automatic!

Rumour has it that the band is playing SXSW too...WOOHOO!

Here is a photo of the incident last night from Drowned In Sound

NY Broad x

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Field Music Plays SXSW and Other US Dates

Field Music are one of the newer bands to be announced for SXSW. They are also doing a few more dates after the festival.

Here are the dates:
Austin, TX Memphis Industries showcase, SXSW (March 17)
Chicago, IL Empty Bottle (20)
Cleveland, OH Beachland Ballroom (21)
Pittsburgh, PA Garfield Artworks (22)
Toronto, ON El Macombo (23)
Ottawa, ON Zaphod Beeblebox (24)
Montreal, PQ Main Hall (25)
Boston, MA Great Scott (27)
New York, NY Bowery Ballroom (28)
Philadelphia, PA Johnny Brenda's (30)
Washington, DC Rock and Roll Hotel (31)

Their album "Tones of Town" will be released in the US on February 20th via Memphis Industries

NY Broad x