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Monday, July 31, 2006

James Blunt is really annoying

Straight from This Is Fake DIY

James Blunt has come in at no.4 in a survey of the most irritating facts of life.

The survey was conducted by health drink company Lactofree. A spokeswoman said: "It's the little things beyond our control that seem to annoy us the most."

The top 100 things that annoy us most are:

1) Cold callers
2) Caravans
3) Queue jumpers
4) James Blunt
5) Traffic wardens
6) Tailgaters
7) Brown nosers
8) Chantelle and Preston
9) Ex-smokers
10) Noisy neighbours
11) Hangovers
12) Carol Vorderman
13) Loud mobile users
14) Men in flip-flops
15) Paper cuts
16) Bad hair days
17) Breaking wind
18) Abi Titmuss
19) Off milk
20) Being put on hold
21) Weaving motorcyclists
22) Drivers who park in disabled bays
23) Rude shop assistants
24) People who read over your shoulder
25) People who complain they are fat when they are skinny
26) Stepping in dog dirt
27) Big Brother 5
28) Noisy eaters
29) People who don't clear up after their dog
30) Slow drivers in outside lane
31) Junk mail
32) Bossiness
33) Novelty ring tones
34) Somebody taking your parking spot
35) Diarrhoea
36) Debt companies
37) Snobs
38) Jehovah's Witnesses
39) Running out of lavatory paper
40) People who have their phone turned off when you call them
41) Mosquitos
42) Buses not arriving on time
43) Children coughing in your face
44) Being bloated
45) Leaving your mobile at home
46) Americans
47) David Blaine
48) Spots
49) Stepping in chewing gum
50) Running out of hot water
51) Wasps
52) Headaches
53) Crazy Frog
54) London Underground
55) Losing your glasses
56) Warm beer
57) CDs that skip
58) Paper jams
59) Bottled water
60) Sunburn
61) Running out of change
62) People who text in capitals
63) Estate agents
64) Stubbing your toe
65) Rubbish printers
67) People who write 'text back' in texts.
68) Breaking a nail
69) Russell Brand
70) The Teletubbies
71) A pen that has run out of ink
72) Cat hair that sticks to clothes
73) Running out of petrol
74) Flatmates who don't clean
66) Flat tyres
75) Heat rash
76) Losing your passport
77) Natasha Kaplinsky
78) Being hungry
79) Tax returns
80) Roadworks
81) Cramp
82) Shoppers hitting you with their trolley
83) Failing your driving test
84) Burning toast
85) Cold showers
86) Scientology
87) Being unable to find matching socks
88) Missing the last post
89) Chihuahuas
90) Karaoke
91) Stomach ache
92) PDA (public displays of affection)
93) Craig David
94) Secret workers before exams
95) Socialists
96) Pimped-up cars
97) Getting something in your eye
98) Out of tune singers
99) Hollyoaks
100) Fake fingernails

This was just too funny. Poor James least he's got Petra Nemcova on his side and thats NOT so bad

NY Broad x

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Kasabian at #9 on the UK charts

So much for the history in the making of the #1 single based on downloads alone (although Gnarls Barkley did it first). Empire has entered the charts at #9. They might have another chance on August 24th when they release the actual physical product but uh...fat chance.

DODGEBALL! and Lady Sov

So next week somehow I agreed and got excited to sign on and play a dodgeball game with a team at McCarren Park. This is going to be hilarious considering the team wants to get wasted and play. I'm totally going to leave this game with a black eye and a bloody knee. If you want to see the action its next Sunday and we play the uber hipster bar Savalas! My personal choice for a Brooklyn bar is Soda though fyi.

Also, going to see Lady Sovereign today at Central park summer Stage. For more info check out Whats Up NYC

Shindig starts ay 3 and ends at 7. My guess is Lady S rocks the stage at 5:30 or so.

NY Broad x

Saturday, July 29, 2006

If Only They Actually Sent Us to Munich

Cornerstone did something very sweet and invited people down to see the Editors perform 3 song acoustic

They played:
All Sparks
Bones (new song!)

It took them quite a while to take the make shift stage and Cornerstone thought they could hold us over with pizza and beer (all free!) but people started to get antsy. It was just hot and crowded in there and I guess people started to get frustrated. It was still a lot of fun and a nice gesture on Cornerstone's part. We also got an Editors gift bag at the end which had a CD of rarities which was a surprise.

Unfortunately, I did not attend the Editors show at Irving Plaza due to prior commitments so no review on that end but if anyone did attend then comment!

NY Broad x

Friday, July 28, 2006

Another Fine Show

Golden Smog played at Bowery Ballroom on Wednesday (7/26) and I must say it fucking blew my mind. What a show!!!!!!! The band was in top form breaking out tracks old and new. There were special guests galore and it was filled to the brim with people! Stand out tracks were:

Jennifer Save Me
Frying Pan Eyes
He's A Dick
I Wanna Be Your Dog (with Craig from the Hold Steady)

Honestly, this record is pretty much a guarantee to be in my Top Ten (along with miss Lily Allen of course) and this show was just amazing. Band sounded fantastic, crowd was into AND MIKE MILLS SHOWED UP!!!!!! Mario Batalli was also there singing along to all the tracks of course wearing his world famous weird clog shoes. If Golden Smog comes to your town and you don't go then you have basically lost your mind because I walked out of there basically shocked at how good it was.

For the meantime to hold you over till the band comes back here is the MP3 for 5-22-02:
Golden Smog - 5-22-02

Also, to purchase the album (and ITS WORTH IT SO MAKE SURE YOU GO OUT AND BUY IT) you can go here:
Golden Smog on

Also, here is the full set from Wiredset!

NY Broad x

A Day In The Life Of Pete Doherty

Maanager: Pete, ________ (insert favorite festival or club here) would like us to play there
Pete: Ok, sounds good

...Fast forward to day of show
Manager: Pete, you have a gig today
Pete: Thats great I'm not playing

*insert whatever curse words, slang or whatever you want along the way

Well, latest news from the Babyshambles camp is that they have rescheduled their Ibiza Rocks date to August 14 (Thanks for the info NME)

To all in Ibiza or who are flying to Ibiza...hopefully they play.

For your listening pleasure:
Babyshambles - Fuck Forever

*thanks to Julseas for the track

NY Broad x

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Lily Kill Boy

I fucking love Lily Allen because she really doesn't give a shit about anything or anyone. Whoever dumped her is an idiot and a genius because then Alright, Still would be a totally different album

Anyway, here is Lily in top form dissing Boy Kill Boy

"Boy Kill Boy guitarist and vocalist Chris Peck spoke with in a Q&A, where he was asked what he thought of Lily Allen. "Yeah, we met her at T In The Park. She'd already played and found out she was No.1 [with 'Smile'] so she was like running around with a bottle of champagne," Peck said. "Her general attitude was, 'Who are you? I don't care, I'm better than you. I'm No.1, fu** off.' And it was excellent. We were having an interview at one point and she walked past us and said, 'You're crap, I'm amazing, I'm No.1, fu** off.' Wicked. She's like a little Gallagher, isn't she? I love it. I like her song as well. I'm quite interested in what she's all about. I think she's probably going to be extremely sick, if she's not already, of people kissing her arse. Maybe we should tell her to turn it up a notch." Allen had earlier admitted to the drunken boastful behavior on her blog at Myspace. Read more."

Article from Rock Dirt

NY Broad x

Reasons why MTV needs to go away #3654456

I woke up at a little after 7:45 and Nelly Furtado "Promiscuous" is on. Now, I don't care who you are...this song is good, catchy and everyone likes it but won't admit it. That is besides the point though...its 8:35 and GUESS WHAT VIDEO IS ONCE AGAIN ON MTV!!!!!!! You guessed it...Pro fucking miscous. Now for the thousands of artists that are amazing and making music videos every year they have to play the same one twice in an hour?? What fucking idiots.

I also figured out that yes MP3s are a threat to the music industry...but for some reason he same 20 songs are on all the time AND THOSE ALBUMS DO WELL!!!! Maybe if MTV played more fucking videos we would see more album sales.

Its now 8:37...and I'm officially annoyed. Golden Smog review coming up was fantastic!!!!!!

NY Broad x

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

whispertown2000 + the LA omaha

I have been a bad blogger. Shit blogger, in fact. BUT... I have an excuse. THE HEAT. I know NY broad has been coping through the layers of cement-thick air over in Manhattan, but LA? This is disgusting! We don't do well in the cold, don't do well int he heat. We're a temperate kind,a nd it has affected my blogging. So, to apologise I am giving you a sweeeet glimpse into some aweosme LA bands.

Whispertown2000 are a 4 piece from LA, but sound like they were perhas Jenny Lewis' muse when she was thinking about going solo. They have big Omaha ties (buddies with Rilo Kiley, Tilly & the Wall, Neva Dinova, etc). I just saw them do a great set at El Cid for a FOLD night.

The singer, Morgan, is like a giddy version of Annie from Giant Drag with less of a mouth and more giggles and sarcastic swagger. Their music lies in folk roots ala Gillian Welch (whose "Miss Ohio" they cover). The band features Morgan on guitar and vocals, indie heartthrob Vanessa on tambourine and cute, slightly off-kilter harmoniess and the boys flanking them on guitar (Tod) and bass (Colt, also in LA's Acute). Thought last night's show featured not one, but two guest performance by Jason Boesel of Rilo KIley on drums for a few tunes,a nd Miss Jenny Lewis herself adding vocals to the "song about drinkin' when yer dead."

Check out the tracs on their MySpace (no MP3s, and we dont want to steal from them, cos they're nice kids!)

Whispertown2000 on MySpace
I recommend "New York Minute" and "Restless"--coincidentally those are my highlights from last night's show.

Like what you hear? You can buy the album Livin' In A Dream from the kids themselves here.

Not Alright Still

LILY ALLEN...thank you so much for announcing UK tour dates. Thats great and I am so fucking glad that people the the UK can enjoy you live BUT I WANT TO SEE YOU IN THE STATES!!!!! Anyway, for all you UK readers here are the tourdates courtesy of NME

Manchester, Academy (October 21)
Newcastle, University (22)
Glasgow, ABC (23)
Edinburgh, Corn Exchange (25)
Leeds, University (26)
Liverpool, University (27)
Sheffield, Leadmill (28)
Norwich, UEA (30)
Cambridge Junction (31)
Bristol, Academy (November 1)
Portsmouth, Pyramids (3)
Birmingham (4)
London, Astoria (6)

After a two week run Lily's "Smile" was knocked off the charts by sad. Her album didn't go to #1 was beaten out by Razorlight! i think its because they offered themselves up for breakfast with fans.

In other news, the American teenage world will be very sad to find out that Teen People has closed its doors as a publication! Man, now we can't see Danity Kane or some new P Diddy affiliated act on the cover...I'm crying inside

NY Broad X

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Rolling Stones never die

Who doesn't love the Rolling Stones? Weirdos! Still, they just can't get enough of the USA...or their money. The golden boys of rock and roll are back again for another US of A go round.

Here are the tourdates according to NME:

Tickets for the tour, which kicks off in Boston On September 20, officially go on sale on July 31.

The Rolling Stones will play:

Boston Gillette Stadium (September 20)
Halifax Commons (23)
East Rutherford Giants Stadium (27)
Wichita Cessna Stadium (October 2)
Missoula Grizzly Stadium (6)
Regina Mosaic Stadium (8)
Chicago Soldier Field (11)
Seattle Qwest Field (17)
El Paso Sun Bowl (20)
Austin Ziker Park (22)
Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall (27)
Vancouver BC Place Stadium (November 3)
Oakland McAfee Coliseum (5)
Phoenix Cardinals Stadium (8)
Las Vegas MGM Grand (11)
Boise Idaho Centre (14)
Los Angeles Dodger Stadium (18)

If I don't see them this time I know there will be 546 other times I can see them. Have fun at the show...and make sure you can afford to pay the next year of rent for a seat in the nosebleed section

NY Broad x

I don't give a shit...

...if anyone thinks the fact that I love Squeeze is horrifying. Up The Junction is one of my favorite songs of all time. I also don't care if people know I am obsessed with George Michael and whose dick he sucks.

Squeeze - Up The Junction

Thanks to Armagideon Time for the track!

Long live George and Squeeze!

NY Broad x

Jet or choose

This is turning out to be Oasis Day part 1. Now I dig Jet, I think they are a great band and I have nothing against them. The thing is out of every fucking title for the first single that they could have used they title it "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is." Great song title IF OASIS HAD NOT USED IT BEFORE!!!!!! Jet, please change the song title considering you were on tour with Oasis recently because it could result in some form of backlash. Now considering you all don't deserve it I would prefer to not see this happen.

For now you can check out the preview stream here

NY Broad x


Breaking news from my favorite band in the world!!!! Oasis will be releasing "Stop The Clocks" on November 20th. They swear its not a Greatest Hits album but I think it could be. Who fucking cares due to the fact that I buy every single Oasis release ever regardless if the music is old or new. Its a new cover...come on!!!! See you at the record store November 20th!!!

Here is the article on the release

NY Broad x

Sunday, July 23, 2006

CAN Stand Me Now

I know I know...old news but I STILL had to make sure I let the world (or whoever reads this blog) know! Carl and Pete and everyone's favorite band that they never wanted to break up have met up in Camden and had a personal chat in a very public place. Now, if the Libertines got back together that would be insaneincrediblesickfantastic AHHHHHHHHH but I must say I really do love both of the new projects as well.

Check out the article here

I wonder what will happen? Maybe Babyshambles and Dirty Pretty Things can go on tour together and then come out as the Libertines for the encore? Ok ok ok I'm pushing it but a girl CAN dream

NY Broad x

Saturday, July 22, 2006

NYC tonight...whatever you are doing CHANGE YOUR PLANS

My favorite NYC band, A Place To Bury Strangers is playing tonight and this is NOT TO BE MISSED

North Six tonight!
Sat 7/22 Deli Magazine presents:
A Place to Bury Strangers
Lions and Tigers
Jealous Girlfriends
Radio America

Show starts at 9 and you can purchase tickets here

To hear A Place To Bury Strangers go to the website OR here's some music for your enjoyment

To Fix The Gash In Your Head
Missing You

Rock and roll

NY Broad x

Friday, July 21, 2006

The rise and fall of the Empire!

Well, I don't know if anyone who reads thia blog is following the rise and fall of the almighty piece of shit fuckfaces named Kasabian BUT basically they kicked out their main songwriter and brains behind everything, Christopher Karloff. We were all left in the dark until they decided to talk a load of shit and probably pay off NME and The Sun in exchange for who knows what. Anyway, was on the kasabian messageboard and this girl allyson85 hit the nail on the head by writing this:

"What kind of bizarre relationship (no pun intended) has Kasabian established with the SUN!? "I will give you all sorts of breaking news and interviews in return for you guys bumming us to bits and slagging of Christopher"? I feel like that is all they are writing about these days.

Don't get me started on that fat cow Victoria Newton claiming that the loss of Chris K doesnt matter at all because no one knows who he was. BULLSHIT. And I think Kasabian are finally realizing just how much it actually matters, and how badly they handled the whole situation, and now they are scared.

So the interview in todays Sun is clearly an effort to make them look like Heroes again. But the damage control, in my opinion, has just made them look even worse. I cannot believe Tom expects the fans to just get behind every decision that the band makes without us having our own opinions. We aren't whineging, but we do have minds of our own, and when Kasabian decide to act like a bunch of rock stars with a god complex, we are going to complain. First, they replace Karloff with this JAY bloke who cant sing or play nearly as well as Karloff and pretend that we aren't going to notice! They play a bunch of festivals without coming on this website and explaining to all of us what was going on. Then we find out that they kicked out one of their main songwriters, and in my opinion, the most talented one of the bunch, and release some bitchy statement making it clear to us that they are the ones that asked HIM to leave. They realize that they have made some people angry by doing this, so they come on here, and in true Nazi fashion start taking down all posts (on here and Myspace) that say nice things about Chris and criticize them. And they expect us to be behind them with all our love and support...Then they go back to the Sun and try to change their story and make it seem like it was Chris that was the problem. I have issues with all that. They say that after the tour, he wanted to go home to his house in America rather than go back to Leicester with the rest of the boys. Well my question is, what is wrong with that! What, did they want him to go live with them in their houses and wipe their arses for them every morning. Then they claim that Christopher was never in the studio and that they had no choice but to ask him to leave...well if i do recall, and I think it was Bubbs that noticed this as well, there are photos in NME of Christopher in the studio with them. So what, did they let him come in to the studio, lay down all his parts, and THEN give him the boot! nice one lads!
And then, they have the nerve to go to the Sun, their new best mates, and tell them that we are a bunch of whinegers and we need to get behind them because they know whats best! Sorry mates, you make good music, but you all have some serious ego problems!

Oh, and nice one denying the Kelly Osbourne thing when she herself made statements that the whole thing did happen...but I'm sure you are telling the truth Tom. You have higher morals and more loyalty than that. Oh, and Serge. It's kind of hard to say that modelling for Armani is such bullshit, and a rock star should never become a model, when you guys are posted all over Burberrys fall campaign. Way to go lads. You seem like a bunch of tip top chaps!

The damage control did not really work for me. You boys just seem a little desperate now."

Fucking genius! By the way, whats up with this shit album artwork too?

NY Broad x

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Turn off your sirens

Ahhh Siren Festival...a summer gathering of everything hipster located at America's favorite ghetto amusement park, Coney Island. You know what, Siren Festival was kind of a bummer this year. I mean, its always nice to eat caramel apples and corn dogs while watching The Scissor Sisters but at the end of the day nathan's and the Cyclone were all that mattered.

This year wasn't so fantastic but who can complain? The Village Voice puts on a great free show and it all in all is a lot of fun.

In other news, A Place To Bury Strangers is playing on Friday at Tonic

NY Broad x

Friday, July 14, 2006

This blog would be interesting if...

I posted about how I forgot one of my best friend's birthdays. This is according to mary, whose birthday I forgot

Someone that reads this blog actually won the contest on NME for breakfest with Razorlight and blogged about it. That would be fucking incredible.

Enter to win breakfast with Razorlight here.

"In the morning...I'll have tea with Johnny Borell"
"In the morning...Razorlight and meeeeeeee will have a food fight"
"In the morning...add your own fucking lyrics here"

NY Broad x

Reasons to love Billboard Magazine

Justin Timberlake...they ain't feeling you. Maybe that back ain't so sexy?

Justin Timberlake claims he wants to push pop boundaries with upcoming second solo album "FutureSex/LoveSounds," but launch single "SexyBack" is more likely to jolt nerve endings. Yeah, we get it: Release an event single you know radio will embrace before getting to the meat of the matter, but really. This meandering melody-free jam is atrocious. Timberlake is unidentifiable with his grossly distorted vocal as Timbaland whoops and hollers alongside, in what is essentially a four-minute loop. Timberlake has a lot to offer—as a potential savior of solo male pop—but here he appears to tease, if not to ridicule, radio's lust/need for him. Impact: 10. Respect: less than zero. Tacky return, dude. —Chuck Taylor

NY Broad x

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Stand Up And Be Strongggggggg

For everyone in the LA area, Minneapolis' own Soul Asylum is back after an 8 year hiatus and doing an in-store at Tower Records as well as a show at the Troubador after.

Here is the info:

Soul Asylum Live @ Tower Sunset - 7/11/2006 06:00 PM
Tower Sunset Pop (8801 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA )
Soul Asylum is coming back to Tower Sunset on July 11th. Dan Murphy and Dave Pirner will be performing an acoustic set of songs from their new CD, The Silver Lining, that comes out on the same day. Our last in-store with Soul Asylum was 14 years ago, in 1992, for the Grave Dancer's Union release. The band will also be performing an electric set later that night at the Troubadour. You'll need to purchase the new CD at Tower Sunset on July 11th to receive a wrist-band for the performance & signing. Wrist-bands are limited.

Album is out today and its pretty damn god from what I've heard so don't miss it!

For more info visit:

NY Broad x

Sunday, July 09, 2006


Holy shit what a game! Italy wins the world cup for the first time since 1982...CHAMPIONS! Seriously though, what the fuck what Zidane thinking? I love him...I think he;s a fantastic player and he has to go and headbutt Materazzi in OVERTIME! The man is 34 years old...he should know better. Him and Rooney should fly back to their home countries together and wallow in their stupid fucking mistakes.

Beautiful game...can't believe Italy won on penalty shots because they are usually not so fantastic in that department.

We still have Euro 2008 and World Cup 2010.

By the way, I have a new found love for De Rossi and Gattuso. Gattuso was picking up the French players and making sure they were OK and De Rossi just doesn't give a fuck.

Fantastic World Cup 2006...Viva Italia

NY Broad x

World Cup Fever!

Last day of the World Cup...and the winner is????

I think it is going to be France because Italy seems to blow it constantly in the final. I'm still pissed about that whole Rooney red card shit with Portugal. He needs to control himself and realize that football is a fucking TEAM SPORT. He totally lost it for England but there is always 2010! He has a suspension for the first two games in the Euro 2008...what a tool.

There is this blog that has a countdown to when the Lily Allen record comes out. Its sort of genius and I wish I had thought of that. I love Lily Allen to pieces...she is such a refreshing addition to new music and her cover of The Kooks 'Naive" is fantastic. Unfortunately i don't have EZ Archive or one of those fabulous MP3 programs BUT if i do get one I will surely put it up.

Saturday Riot City is DJing again with The Cribs and ProductShopNYC ...will keep you al posted on details and a super duper flyer!

Till next time

NY Broad x

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Muse Is Massive, LA Is Massive... I Smell A Post!

So, I have been classic LA girl and totally shirked my blogging duties,w hen in fact I was collecting research. research and adventures to bestow upon you.

Hate to hear that it's monsooning over in Manhattan, but out here in the desert, well, it's... like a desert. I'm sure it was at least 215 degrees in the valley today, serious. But I digress....

MUSE! I wasn't a fan of their first UK single "Super Massive Blackhole" whihc in fact went down so poorly that they switched the US single to "Knights Of Cyndonia," which although not my favorite off the album was a little easier to digest than the Darkness-meets-Queen-meets-MI student prog-rock project gone wrong. That said, if you get into it... your hips will move. Which is always a plus.

Check it out for yourself:

Muse - "Knights Of Cyndonia" audio

Aaand, if you like that check out the sweet things they have a brewin' for mega-fans.

-Filter has posted a fly-away contest to the Reading festival (which is just north of London)! This is not only a greta thing for MUSE fans but for all anglophile alike. ENTER NOW!

-The band just annoucned via their MySpace that they will be doing an in-store signing at Hollywood & Highland's Virgin Megastore on July 14th.

The catch?

You have to buy the CD starting on Tuesday July 11th at the Hollywood & Highland Virgin Megastore in order to get a wristband. And, there's only 500 of those bad-boys so, get your camping gear and hea don out... read more here.

To tide you over, chekc out the album art. Roswell or Shitwell.. you decide!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

New York is the new Seattle?

What the FUCK is going on with this weather??!! I like the rain every now and again but come on. This is lame-o-rama!!!!!! I stepped outside and my feet were wet, I was cold and the bus to work took 50 minutes!

Anyway, in better news the rain has cleared up and XFM just played some new Muse so that makes me very happy. XFM also plaued Panic! at the don't get me wrong, I sort of love Panic! at the Disco but do XFM listeners?

Stressed as usual but still have time to write something. Does anyone read this? If you do COMMENT

NY Broad x

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Now THIS is hardcore

Jarvis Jarvis Jarvis Jarvis! As of July 3rd, Jarvis Cocker posted an MP3 of his new songs 'Cunts Are Still Running The World" eeeeeeeeeeeeeee this made my day! If you want to check out the MySpace page go here

If you want to download the single you can download it here!

Thanks to ProductShopNYC for this one!

NY Broad

Sunday, July 02, 2006

The New Jam

You know how you always get excited about finding an artist and really loving them on the spot? I guess thats the case with Sway...UK hip hop artist that I've heard about over and over again and finally got to listening him. Welcome to the new jams...and download a few tracks on his MySpace:

Sway on MySpace

The bummer is I missed him at SXSW but if I did anything else at SXSW this year I would have dropped dead and reeked of Red Stripe and Southern Comfort...thanks to the FADER house!

Motherfucker tomorrow night with special guests The Futureheads! I don't know if I can deal with the annoying bridge and tunnel kids that I am going to want to smack straight away when I get there.

New Outkast single is tres awesome by the way!

NY Broad