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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Live Review: Marina And The Diamonds @ Webster Hall

There is just something about Marina Diamandis that makes you can't take your eyes off her. It could be that voice...a little bit Kate Bush with a more aggressive twist. Or maybe its the fact that Diamandis can walk on stage in a blue and black plaid dress and feathered heels and you can still take her seriously. Whatever it is, it works...and well.

Opening the set with the song The Family Jewels, the crowd immediately became enraptured with Diamandis as she confidently strutted on stage. Playing a number of songs off her debut album The Family Jewels as well as some unreleased tracks including Jealousy, she exuded not only confidence but a huge amount of star power as fans belted her quirky lyrics right along with her.

Naming her tour the Burger Queen Tour, Diamandis payed homage to America with a stars and stripes tank top and shorts for her encore...and a massive burger prop in hand. Quite appropriate for the last song she played, Hollywood. Seems like she's won over more than just Hollywood...all of America is in love.