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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lily Allen's New Tracks!

Lily Allen has been hard at work on what seems to be everything BUT her music. Her show "Lily Allen and Friends" has been a semi hit as BBC3 picked it back up for another season, she's a paparazzi favorite and well, a damn good partier.

Still, its nice to here something fresh from Lily that has something to do with her music! Today, Lily blogged on MySpace and put up two new tracks (demos) called "I Don't Know" and "I Could Say". She's ditched the ska infused pop and checked in for a little bit different of an 80's vibe with some synth-esque pop. Final outcome...I love them both!

and now for the blog:
"Eaaasssyy peoples, So , I'm a blondie and loving it and I've been working hard in the studio . I posted a couple of new songs on the player for you all to have a listen to and get an idea of my new direction , they are just at a demo stage so don't be too hard on them . I'll probably swap some others around and play you stuff as I do it in the studio , like i did last time round . And ther'll also be a new mixtape soon , I hope you enjoy this shizzle . Aiiight big kisss lil x x"

Wooooo can't wait for more Lily!

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