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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Likely Looks: Lily Allen - 22

Lily Allen comes out with her 4th video from "Its Not Me, Its You" for 22 and its a lovely display of late 20 somethings doing the ins and outs of a single life.

The concept is fabulous and so is the dress that Lily is wearing throughout the video (very Hollywood of her...).

Check it out here:

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JS87 said...

This song basically crushes the confidence of every women nearing 30 by telling them sad but its true, there lives are 'already over'. Also confirming the implication already assumed by most males, 'she gets one night stands but she wants a boyfriend'. So basically we are all desperados and past our sell by dates. Imagine how listeners feel if there older than 30! What a horrible song to release, makes me feel so negative listening to it! Music should make you feel good not like your life is over!!