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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bloc Party Announce Intimacy

The boys in Bloc Party know how to throw a little curveball every now and again...and this time they announce the release of their third album Intimacy 3 days before the day of release.

The album will be available through the band's official website for pre-order for the August 21st digital release date. The physical release date will be for October 27th...but the good news is that if you order the physical album now you'll get a digital copy so you can hear it when everyone else does.

Bloc Party made fans aware of the ability to purchase the album instantly when they held their August 18th web chat with fans. The album follows the release of the UK single Mercury, which was released on August 11.

Its Bloc Party...therefore its going to be brilliant.

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Cygirl said...

I've just recently gotten on the Bloc Party wagon. They're quite wonderful, aren't they?