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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Likely Listens - Meiko

With just the right amount of well...everything, its time for the world to meet Meiko.

Hailing from Georgia and currently residing in Los Angeles, the singer/songwriter got her start at the Hotel Cafe. Now she has a record deal with Lucky Ear/MySpace/DGC Records and is slowly creeping the way into the hearts of everyone that listens to her.

She just re-released her self titled album on August 5th and for a bit of time if you purchase the album you get a limited addition acoustic EP (see it DOES pay to buy an album!). You can purchase the record HERE

Also, for your listening pleasure here is an MP3 of a track from the album called "Under My Bed":

Meiko - Under My Bed

This record is yourself and your Top 10 list a favor a pick it up!


mmrules said...
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mmrules said...

Love Meiko !


She sure has a pretty voice..

"Boys with Girlfriends"

Very cool song,too..Thanks :)

The Likely Broads said...

Isn't she amazing? The record is great!

Jes Sicka said...

She also has another new track out called "New Road" which is a duet with AM, it's awesome!