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Friday, October 31, 2008

Lily Allen Takes On The Guardian

After a not so pleasant write up about the latest press release for Lily's new album "Its Not Me, Its You", Ms. Allen took it upon herself to reply to the article herself.

Check out the article HERE

Here is Lily's reply:

i think that what you wrote earlier was thoughtless and uncalled for. Murray was an all too easy target, he has a lot of respect for me and was only trying to be enthusiastic about something he feels passionate about. It's quite obvious the part of his press release you referred to was "tongue in cheek". As we all know, it would be ridiculous to compare me to Wordsworth or Bennett and your poking fun at his reference was cheap, really. Personally i don't care , i'm perfectly used to people poking fun at me, but Murray doesn't put himself in front of the camera, and in my opinion didn't deserve the ridicule. It's hard enough being my press officer at the best of times, and i don't think anyone would appreciate their friend or business associate being called "madam" by someone who had never met them. it's plain rude. i wonder if maybe there is some other agenda in the guardian blog office regarding myself, as it seems the things i have read there always tend to be quite negative? Well anyway , i hope we can put this all behind us and that you can move on to writing something else that makes other people feel stupid , and you feel more clever.
lily allen

p.s i wish you had called me earlier , I would have quoted Upon Westminster Bridge (maybe the most popular of Wordsworths poems,but arguably the best) down the phone at you word for word. it was the first poem i recited at school and has always stuck with me. It was, in fact the inspiration behind my song LDN . I have never been a massive fan of Bennett though.

I must say...the article was quite harsh.

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