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Monday, October 20, 2008

Radiohead Sell Approximately 3 Million Copies Of In Rainbows

Talk about sales for a self released album! Radiohead have revealed that their grand total of albums so far sold for "In Rainbows" is a whopping 3 million copies!

The stats were revealed at the You Are In Control conference in Iceland this month and here are the stats:

* In Rainbows has sold three million copies thus far, a figure that includes downloads from, physical CDs, a deluxe 2-CD/vinyl box set, as well as sales via iTunes and other digital retailers.

* The In Rainbows deluxe edition sold 100,000 copies via Radiohead fan service W.A.S.T.E.

* Radiohead made more money prior to In Rainbows' January 2008 physical release than its total take on 2003's Hail To the Thief.

* The physical release of In Rainbows entered both the US and UK charts at #1 in January, despite having been freely available since October 2007.

* In Rainbows was the first Radiohead album available on iTunes, where it went in at #1 in January, selling 30,000 in its first week.

Lesson of the day...self releasing your album is the way to go!

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