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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Jobs are wonderful...but not today!

Today has been a long day in New York going back and forth on the hot subway holding Panic At The Disco flyers for this promotion the company I wrk with has been doing. Somehow I became the guilty party for passing out these flyers after the show to a bunch of anoying sweaty girls that will be squealing loudly when coming out of the venue saying "The singer TOUCHED ME!" and the next girl saying "Well, he SWEATED ON ME." Ugh, gross.

Secretly (NOW THE SECRET IS OUT) I like Panic! At The Disco...I know I know emo gay emo emo gay gay. Let me be emo, gay and 14 but I fucking like them. I'm a nerd...period.

Band to check out for the day...The Rifles! A friend of mine turned me onto them and I am in lurveeeee

FYI the Streets were so fucking good last night I wanted to scream. Mike Skinner's pants kept falling down and he kept having to pick that up. I thought it was cute and funny. Good tunes, great set list and a good crowd.

Mike Skinner is running the NYC Marathon...fucking killer.

Signing off
New York Broad x

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