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Thursday, June 29, 2006

i'm your LA woman

no, that was NOT a doors reference. perhaps it's blasphemy, but on MY blog that's as close as we get to lauding them. however, i thought i would introduce the west coast side of things in a surly, seductive, leonard cohen kinda way. welcome to LA.

so, last night i rounded up all my work buddies to go see a special screening of the new leonard cohen film/documentary/live performance footage. i got there about 2 minutes late and caught one of the first performances they did. the filmmakers curated this performance at the sydney opera house with a few montreal musicians that were connected to him somehow like rufus and martha wainwright, aussie native badass Nick Cave and then... Jarvis Cocker. cos apparently "the punksters" like Death Of A Ladies Man.

the film was alright. the best bits were listening to an amazingly lucis leonard go on about his life, his music and how he sees himself as a singer, poet, lover, etc. he has a very humble approach to anythignhe does. hell--he became a monk!

if it comes ot a theatre near you, i reccomend chekcing it out. especially if you're a lukewarm fan and want a little bit of history. trust me, the covers are not up to snuff. check out the feature filter magazine has posted on the film here.

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