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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Exhausted ugh ugh ugh

Panic! At The Disco last night was rather amousing. After walking in the heat from 14th St to Times Square to head over to the Nokia Theater I definitely felt like I took a dip in the Atlantic Ocean. I felt a little ancient considering all the kids were 14 years old and had braces but thats ok. I saw my friend Marco who I hadn't seen in years and he said to me "You're still doing this?" in regards to street team work. I used to do it 6 years ago and I think I will never live it down.

Ran into Jamie and Ben from the fabulous Blender mag and they were doing interviews for Cingular for some possible promo. They interviewed me as a joke and I explained how hard it is to be "emo" and how much it hurts. I also wore my sunglasses throughout the entire interview and had crazy 80's hair in my attempt to look as rock and roll as possible...nerd central.

I have a massive headache right now and I am blogging from I must sign off.

xx New York Broad xx

or xx In Your Dying New York Broad Arms xx

emo gay emo emo emo gay gay

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