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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Likely Listens: Adele

People have been telling me for ages to check out Adele and Im quite glad I did...she's brilliant!

Joining in on the London female singers club (Amy Winehouse, Kate Nash, Lily Allen...blah blah blah), Adele made a name for herself on MySpace when a friend of her's put up her tracks. Soon after the page was set up, industry heads were all over getting her signed and XL Recordings became her new home.

Adele has a voice to kill (a bit of soul, a bit of pop) and has the ability to write a song you can fall in love with on first listen. Her single "Hometown Glory" will be released October 22nd in the UK.

Here is Adele live on the BBC2 show "Sound" singing "Hometown Glory":

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