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Monday, November 19, 2007

Shirley Manson Solo Record Details!

Shirley Manson is breaking free of Garbage for a bit and finally releasing her solo record possibly early next year. The songwriting credits go to the fabulous Manson and Greg Kurstin of The Bird and The Bee fame.

Shirley also worked with Beck, Jack White, Billy Corgan and Paul Buchanan (The Blue Nile) on the tracks. Who worked on what track is yet to be discoverd but here is the tracklisting in full:

1. "Don't Want Anyone Hurt"
2. "Don't Want to Pretend"
3. "Gone Upside"
4. "Hot Shit"
5. "Kid Ourselves"
6. "Lighten Up"
7. "Little Dough"
8. "No Regrets"
9. "Pissholes"
10. "Pure Genius"
11. "So Shines a Good Deed"
12. "Spooky"
13. "Stop"
14. "Sweet Old World"
15. "The Desert"
16. "To Be King"

I honestly can't wait...Shirley's been a huge part of the writing process for Garbage and her solo album should be absolutely brillliant.

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