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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Breeders To Release New Material

Mark your calenders for April 2008 as that is the expected date of the new Breeders material to be released. Its been 5 tears since their sophomore release, "Title TK" and that release was WELL worth the wait.

Working with Steve Albini once again, the band spoke to VenuzZine and revealed a bit about whats to come. "The new Breeders record is scheduled to be released in April 2008," declared frontwoman Kim Deal. "There are 13 songs. Mando Lopez is still on bass,Jose Medeles on drums, Kelley Deal, my evil twin, on guitar and vocals, and I'm playing guitar and vocals. The songs are just songs. But for instance, one song Kelley and I did live. She played stand-up bass and I played acoustic guitar while we sang."

Next up...tour dates (or so I hope...)!

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