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Friday, December 07, 2007

Pete Doherty Could Lose His Job...

In spite of Pete Doherty's illness, the remaining members of Babyshambles took it upon themselves to perform a show without him. Without their singer? Yes.

Incredibly, an 18 year old fan named Jamie Bell knew how to not only play some of the band's tracks on guitar but he knew all the words to them too! Taking over, Jamie was met with a huge applause at London's O2 Arena for his Shambles knowledge.

That could be the coolest thing...ever. Its like that movie Rockstar but actually true. Now they know who to use for backup in case it ever happens again!

Photo credit: kittyshambles

1 comment:

Cygirl said...

Have you seen the video?

That kid had to have been crapping himself!!!

And the only way that Drew could be hotter is if he were actually on fire.