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Friday, December 21, 2007

The Sounds Tear Down Webster Hall

I don't know what it is with The Sounds but they never ever put on a bad show. Last night at Webster Hall (even though it was a promotional show for Camel!) the place was half packed but still full of energy as The Sounds played most of their hits from both their debut and sophomore releases.

Maja of course did the whole "audience participation" thing and got the crowd to sing along to several of their hits. Maja even rose to the occasion bringing out cigarette while singing their ballad "Night After Night" and got the crowd to join in.

The band also added a nice touch at the end of "Ego" with Jesper and Felix joining forces with an electronic drum machine to make the track absolutely the stand out of the night.

The Sounds are absolutely one of the best live bands around...period.

Photo credit rafe baron

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