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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Likely Looks: New Adventures - How I Got My Devil Back (Part One)

4 guys who love vintage clothes + 1 girl that loves vintage clothes=New Adventures. Sounds like an odd thing to bond over and form a band from..but these days anything can happen.

They've got a bit of Embrace thrown into their music...but overall its a great pop tune that is worth digging.

The single is released on April 7th (physically) and April 17th (digitally).

Also, if you want to catch the band in the UK they've got some live dates coming up

22 - The Beat Club, Glasgow
23 - Henry’s Cellar Bar, Edinburgh
28 - The Aftershow @ Moho, Manchester
31 - The Luminaire, London

05 - Trash, Leeds
12 - The Cellar Bar, Blackburn

and now...for the video!!!!!

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