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Monday, May 19, 2008

Hercules and Love Affair Play Studio B

It was your typical night at Studio B; too hot to dance, too many people to actually see the stage and too many people at the bar to get a drink. Then again not every night do you get to witness the latest New York buzz band's first official show ever?!

Hercules and Love Affair came on with the hopes of impressing the hot and sweaty crowd at around 1:10AM. They only half succeeded. While their catchy tunes sounded great live, the pause between songs was a bit frustrating. Also, the fact that I had to jump up to catch a glimpse of any of the action on stage drove me crazy (although that's not the band's fault now is it?!!). Kim's costume changes were fun and Shayne's dancing was a nice sight to catch (if I jumped up) but overall the gig just didn't gel together as well as it should have.

Its just the typical "band needs practice" type thing but expect more great things from Hercules and Love Affair. Plus, who can deny the genius of their debut album???!!

Photo credit: EduardoO

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