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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Likely Looks: Leona Naess - Heavy Like Sunday

Its been a long time (5 years!) since we last heard from Leona Naess. Yes, she was engaged to Ryan Adams and sort of had one hit record but it all seemed to fade as quickly as it came for Leona.

Now she's back with her fantastic new single, Heavy Like Sunday that will be released in the UK on June 2nd. The clip is absolutely darling and so simple yet so enjoyable.

I officially cannot WAIT for this record!

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Pedro said...

i was just looking for pics from the venues that CSS will play in usa...then i found your blog :)

im brazilian and i really like them.
U know, its not so serious ..but very catchy
I saw them 2 year ago in Rio de Janeiro.They were like any indie band
in Brazil, but nowadays they r our most famous band in europe/usa.

my mail is, if u
wanna get in touch with me..its gonna be nice :)
sorry, i know that im not too good in english, but at least i can teach portuguese to you ..LOL