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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Rob Dickinson To Re-Release Debut Solo Album

When front men in bands make solo albums its usually not something to write home about. Then again when Rob Dickinson from Catherine Wheel made an album 5 years after the band broke up, people definitely took notice.

The album was a much more "adult" album, allowing Dickinson to throw away the guitar riffs for more of a softer side. Luckily, fans embraced the tracks and it was a hit with Catherine Wheel fans.

Now Dickinson is taking his re-release to new heights by making is now a two disc set which include one new track and 6 acoustic Catherine Wheel songs. Getting the best of both worlds never hurt.

The re-release of Fresh Wine For The Horses will come out June 10th.

Rob Dickinson - End Of The World

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