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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Babyshambles Not In Shambles Anymore

Has Pete Doherty come to his senses? I am sure not 100% BUT Babyshambles have ditched their label, Rough Trade for the glitz and glamour of a major label. Signing to Regal/Parlophone, (the same label as Miss Lily Allen) the band claim they are not "unreliable sods" anymore.

The band was signed to release an EP through the label without even submitting a demo. Drummer Adam Ficek told "We're just seeing if we like the label and vice-versa. But it's amazing really, we're made up about them signing us for the EP because they didn't even hear a demo. It's frightening when you consider we're such an unreliable bunch of sods. But we're not like that any more, so that's cool."

Seems like Pete's following in the footsteps of his old buddy Carl who ditched Rough Trade for Universal Records.

Best of luck to Babyshambles...and please make a new record for the people.

NY Broad x

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