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Friday, September 29, 2006

Lily Allen Is a Genius

Lily Allen hates all the right people! Ranting to Radio 1, when asked who she hates, Allen replied: "(I hate) Peaches Geldof because of who she is.

"I find it really offensive, like she did this like documentary about Islam and it was really awful. I watched it on (British TV show) Richard and Judy and it was like: 'Yeah I just really think that kids in this country don't really know enough about Islam and I think that they just really need to know a lot more about Islam'. What do you know about Islam, you useless oaf?"

This comes days after she threatened to punch Paris Hilton on her upcoming promotional tour of America.

She said: "Paris is hideously untalented. I poured my heart into my album. She just got someone else to do it for her. If she's rude to me I'll punch her."

What a fucking genius! The many reason to love Miss Lily This info comes from Ireland Online

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