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Monday, July 16, 2007

Dirty Girls Really Do Get (Almost) Clean...

God bless Courtney Love...she's 43 and looks better then most 20 year olds (apparently due to anorexia...thats why she popped an Ensure onstage mid show at Hiro) and she still sounds damn good.

I had the pleasure of seeing Courtney at Hiro on Thursday and she was fucking brilliant. It was everything you wanted it to be...from one liners about how she could "go all night...I'm like Springsteen" to "the bass sounded like a fart can you tune it please." The set was filled with a few old favorites (complete with a lyrics sheet in front of her for "Northern Star") and a ton of new stuff. The new stuff is everything you think it would be...raw and edgy but with a pop edge (thank you Linda Perry).

Here is the set list from the gig:
'Stand Up Motherfucker'
'Sunset Marquis'
'Miss World'
'How Dirty Girls Get Clean'
'Pacific Coast Highway'
'How Dirty Girls Get Clean Pt 1'
'Letter To God'
'Loser Dust'
'Celebrity Skin'
'Doll Parts'
'Never Go Hungry Again'
'For Once In Your Life'
'Northern Star'
'Happy Ending Story'

and here are some videos for your viewing pleasure:

"Miss World"


I don't give a fuck what anyone says...she's still got it.

NY Broad x

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