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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Likely Looks: Rilo Kiley - "Moneymaker"

I've been down with Rilo Kiley since they were convincing us to "do the frug." I have been fruging ever since.

Their sophomore album The Execution of All Things is for sure in my top 50. They have this beguiling simplicity to their songs (which are beyond simple), and Jenny's Lolita croon gets me every time.

On their fourth studio album (out August 21 via Warner Bros.) Under The Blacklight has been getting a bunch of buzz (check out their cover story in the latest issue of Filter Magazine), but the only track I've heard so far is their first single "Moneymaker." It's a Rilo Kiley tune, but... funky. Yeah, not country, not Omaha, not pop.... funky. Mega bass lines (provided by Miss Lewis herself) and libido-heavy lyricism. To see what I mean, check out the video:

Hot. Hot. And more Hot. Bonus points to the blonde who calls herself "Faye Runaway"--not a really porn name, but still awesome... and kinda dirty.

x, LA Broad

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