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Friday, July 13, 2007

Mark Ronson Plays (Yes PLAYS!) Highline Ballroom NYC

Its no surprise that Mark Ronson decided to make his U.S. live debut in his now home town of New York. Filling Highline Ballroom to the brim and strapping on an electric guitar, Ronson performed tracks off his album Version opening with "Inversion".

No album with guest vocalists would be complete without a show with guest vocalists. Alex Greenwald from Phantom Planet stepped in to do his cover of Radiohead's "Just" before launching into the OC classic "California" as well as Daniel Merriweather performing "Stop Me" to finish off the set. No Amy or Lily stepping in to do their guest vocals...but helping out a bit with "Valerie" was Tawiah.

Ronson barely touched a turntable and no one fucking cared. Fantastic gig and proof that Ronson can do a hell of a lot more then make good records...

Here is the setlist (courtesy of
'God Put A Smile'
'Good Girls'
'Ooh Wee'
'Didunt Didunt'
'Pretty Green'
'Stop Me'

NY Broad x

Photo Credit: jess-hulst

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