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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Maximo Park Live At Webster Hall

Maximo Park is a band I have missed time and time again when they come to New York. Finally, last week I got the opportunity to see Newcastle's finest perform to a packed (and mental!) house at Webster Hall.

Paul Smith has always been one to entertain. I am sure he's taken a load of karate classes because at the rate he is goes on stage it appears he's a black belt. The crowd was so into it...I was almost blown away by the reaction the band was getting for each song. Singers, jumpers...and I don't think they were Brits for once!

Hopefully, they come back around because I won't miss them again...ever!

Here is the set list:

'A Fortnight's Time'
'Now I'm All Over The Shop'
'Our Velocity'
'Parisian Skies'
'The Coast Is Always Changing'
'Girls Who Play Guitars'
'Want You To Stay'
'Karaoke Plays'
'Books From Boxes'
'By The Monument'
'Apply Some Pressure'
'Your Urge'
'The Unshockable'
'Going Missing'

Their sophomore release Our Earthly Pleasures is out now on Warp Records.

NY Broad x

Photo Credit: forklift

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