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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Kasabian Needs To Shut The Fuck Up

Ok so what is the deal with these boys? They are digging their own hole to make Americans really fucking hate them.

From Contact Music:

"LATEST: British rockers KASABIAN have apologised for falsely accusing THE ROLLING STONES of charging their supports bands to watch them after their slot. CUTT OFF stars Kasabian are supporting the BROWN SUGAR hitmakers on some of their upcoming European dates, and lead singer TOM MEIGHAN last week (ends06AUG06) insisted they would have to pay $280 (GBP150) each to watch the Stones' set. But the band have now issued a statement reading: "We're sorry for comments about ticket prices. "We now realise that we do not have to pay to see The Rolling Stones perform. We're incredibly honoured and excited to be supporting them on some dates. "It's a dream come true for us all."

Why would they even slag Americans off in the first place? Their Karloff replacement is a fucking American citizen. What giant toolbags...

NY Broad x

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