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Monday, August 21, 2006

An Un-Ordinary Occurance

As everyone now knows, the Ordinary Boys pulled their slot on V festival from this weekend. You know, these kind of things happen...the problem is when the band give a little too much information about why they pulled the gig

From Preston's mouth:
"We've never cancelled a gig before and yesterday when we played James soldiered on with flu," he said. "But he's been shitting and vomiting all night and his skin is nearly translucent so we have to take him to hospital."

Now thats fantastic...we all need to know poor James is sitting on the crapper with his ass on one side and his head in a fucking bucket. Couldn't he just say he came down with an illness? Ugh.

We've now learned though that it could have been a fatal illness called "quinsy" which is a condition that causes an abscess in the throat (whatever that means!). Best of luck to James and hopefully he won't have the runs for future gigs.

NY Broad x

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