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Friday, August 18, 2006

Lily and Robbie collaborate! PLUS a new Lily US date

Miss Lily Allen (an obvious favorite here at What Became Of The Likely Broads) will be singing on 3 tracks on Robbie Williams' upcoming album. The collaboration was thrown together by Mark Ronson (who produced tracks on Lily's record as well as the new Robbie Williams release) when Robbie mentioned he needed a female singer on some of the tracks. Now, you can call me the biggest nerd in town but I LOVE Robbie Williams and have since his frist release "Life Through A Lens." I'm pretty fucking excited for the record as it is...but this made it 10 million times better.

Plus, another Lily US tour date has been released...Chi town watch out because on October 16th Lily will be taking over the Double Door!

For now, check out the LDN video

NY Broad x

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