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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Will Pete Ever Learn

Again the man gets busted for drugs even though I feel like he's done everything to get himself off of it! Well, here comes a new Pete...ready for a change. According to Contact Music "Troubled British rocker PETE DOHERTY is determined to ditch his drug-addled lifestyle, if only for the sake of his worried fans. The BABYSHAMBLES frontman's following has been begging him to clean up - and he is finally taking note. He says, "The resounding message when we hang out with kids after shows is, 'Sort yourselves out. We love your band and you're f**king up.' "They're right too. Fair play for telling us like it is too." Doherty pleaded guilty to drug possession charges yesterday (18AUG06), and has been ordered to stay at London rehab clinic The Priory until he is sentenced next month (SEP06)."

Good luck Pete...we are all routing for you. Maybe you just have to ditch Kate Moss and it will all come together?

NY Broad x

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