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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

See you at the Oasis premiere!

Oasis is not only coming out with a greatest hits album BUT there will be a film to go along with it. The film is titled "Lord Don't Slow Me Down" and was shot by Baillie Walsh during the worldwide tour to support their last release, Don't Believe The Truth.

The band are also running a competition surrounding the release of the Greatest Hits and film to attend a screening of their choice, from a list of cities which will be confirmed shortly.

"To win, fans must predict exactly which 18 songs Oasis will select to appear on 'Stop The Clocks' and the record's running order, bearing in mind 'Acquiesce', 'Half The World Away', 'Supersonic', 'Wonderwall' and 'The Importance of Being Idle' are all confirmed." - From

I'm totally winning...

NY Broad x

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