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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Duke Spirit Stream New EP

Spirit of the desert...

I have had the pleasure of listening to these bluesy, fog-tinged tunes since their debut album Cuts Across the Land came out on import via Loog way back in '05. Then, I got to see them play at SXSW (and tell them where to go at our showcase), which is when I officially fell in love. Liela Moss has the approachable look of a vixen in tomboy's clothing and a cat-scratched voice that is simultaneously eerie, innocent and arrogant.

They spent some time in the California desert this summer with the Desert Session's mastermind Chris Gross producing what will be their new record (can't wait!). The band now have a few tracks from these sessions in an EP that is now streaming at their official site and their MySpace page.

Listen to Ex Voto EP now...

x, LA Broad

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