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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Kate Nash Live @ Joe's Pub

Finally after months of raving about Kate Nash I got the opportunity to see her play in New York last night. I missed the 9:30 show (caught Bat For Lashes which was brilliant as to come!) so I caught the 11:30 show with the lovely Chris from Music Snobbery. We grabbed a spot on the couches right in front of Kate which was the absolute best view in the house.

Joe's Pub is quite small and the sound is amazing so it was such a treat to see Kate there. Playing to a seated crowd I could have done without, as there were times I wanted to stand up and dance a bit but it would have been awkward and I would have blocked someone's view. She came out in a little black and gold prom dress-esque number and went right into "Mariella", a track off of her album Made Of Bricks. The crowd was a bit dead except for the guy that screamed through EVERY song which was sweet at first but then you sort of wanted to tell him to shut up...

Kate's coming back early next year when "Made Of Bricks" gets a U.S. release and you MUST see her live. She will definitely be playing bigger venues. She's a great performer and has the charm to make you declare that you want to stick in your pocket and have your own little Nash.

Here is the set list:
* Mariella
* Shit Song
* Stitching Leggings
* Skeleton Song
* Birds
* Nicest Thing
* We Get On
* Mouthwash
* Foundations
* Merry Happy
* Encore: Little Red

(thanks to Music Snobbery for the set list)

and here is an MP3 of Mouthwash for your listening pleasure:
Kate Nash - Mouthwash

Photo credit: ryandombal

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