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Friday, September 28, 2007

Likely Looks: Kaiser Chiefs "The Angry Mob"

God bless Kaiser Chiefs for being able to put out almost as many singles as there are songs on the album. This time around, the quasi-title track "The Angry Mob" is getting the singles treatment. The video is a new direction from their slightly silly and puzzling (tennis ball juggler in "Modern Way," anybody?) video track record as they take a more cinematic approach.

This time, the boys play the help (tuxedoed waiters and barkeeps, a fine dining ivory-tickler and one ravishing limo chauffeur) amidst an angry mob of two flocks of fishnet and bunny-eared ladies on hen nights (very Sharks v. Jets) and a restaurant of dapper, upper-middle class twits.

Yeah! Keep it working class, boys! Leeds!

Kaiser Chiefs - The Angry Mob

x, LA Broad

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