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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Amy Winehouse Wins 5 Out of 6

Amy Winehouse just won the Grammy for Best New Artist.

Cyndi Lauper got really excited...Miley Cyrus screwed up her lines while presenting the award.

Congrats to Amy...she's brilliant and no one else deserved that award more than her.

Amy also won best pop vocal album for "Back to Black" and best female pop vocal.

Just a thought though...why was there no nomination for Lily Allen in the Best New Artist category?!

UPDATE: Amy just won for Song of the Year for "Rehab"...4 out of 6

UPDATE #2: Amy just won for Record of the Year for "Rehab"...5 out of 6

Maybe the music industry is smarter than we think??!!

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Cygirl said...

Girlfriend just won for record of the year as well. I may have gotten a bit teary.