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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Blood Red Shoes Reveal Their "Box Of Secrets"

The news we've all been waiting for...Blood Red Shoes have just announced the release of their debut album "Box of Secrets"!

Named after the duo’s inter-band nuances, the album will see its place on the shelf on April 14th via V2 (in the UK of course...say hello to the import section for everyone else).

If its anything like what we've been hearing from Blood Red Shoes over the past year, then this is bound to be a Top 10 on too many end of the year lists to count

Here is the track listing for "Box of Secrets"

Doesn't Matter Much 3:25
You Bring Me Down 3:42
Try Harder 3:50
Say Something Say Anything 3:12
I Wish I Was Someone Better 3:48
Take The Weight 4:38
ADHD 3:17
This Is Not For You 4:32
It's Getting Boring By The Sea 2:56
Forgive Nothing 3:10
Hope You Are Holding Up 5:12

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Valerio said...

Hi there,

love this band.
Have a look to my exclusive and unpublished B&W pictures of Blood Red Shoes live on stage.

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