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Monday, February 04, 2008

Coming Out Of The (Religious) Closet

While checking out some of my favorite sites in the morning I came across a fantastic article about being Jewish in the music industry. Being a halfie myself, I read it to see why being Jewish was compared in a way to being it seems a bit difficult to come out to the general public that you are in fact Jewish.

Paul Lester of The Guardian expresses his point of view for all the world to see; Jewish or not

"When I went freelance at the start of 2007, one of the first newspapers I approached for work - being Jewish, although you don't actually have to be Jewish to write for it - was the Jewish Chronicle. Since then, I have interviewed dozens of musicians for the JC - even with my highly sensitive, super-powerful Jewdar (our version of a gaydar) I didn't realise there were that many Jewish musicians around, a lot of them up-and-coming..."

Read the rest of the article HERE

And props to Wino for being the biggest up and coming "jew" of them all...and hopefully making it to the Grammy Awards

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