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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Amy Winehouse's Grammy Performance - The Recap

Yes yes yes we ALL know Amy Winehouse sang at the Grammys via satellite and she was well...pretty damn good for someone who is currently in rehab.

I think she misses Blake though...could you tell?

Exhibit A: Instead of "I cried for you on the kitchen floor" we get "I cry for you 7614. My Blake!"

Chances are its his inmate number, the number of his prison or maybe part of his phone number? Who knows

Exhibit B: "I'd rather be at home with my Blake"

Does this need an explanation?

Exhibit C: "I'll never, never lose my baby"

Obviously, she misses her husband. Can't they just let Blake out of prison?

After singing though, she looks terrified to speak. I give her credit though I must say...

If you missed it, here is the performance:

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