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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Albert Hammond Jr Plays Special Show For Spin

Albert Hammond Jr has been all over NY playing gigs in support of his second solo album, Como Te Llama?. The private show for SPIN Magazine on July 9th was the second of his special gigs in NYC.

The vibe was a bit weird walking in as electro blared from the speakers of Hiro. The free Budweiser flowed as the typical hipster crowd showed up to catch Albert.

Taking the stage a little after 11PM and opening with "Everyone Gets A Star" from his new album, the crowd stood there placid as they thought they were too cool to dance to the tunes.

The sound at Hiro is a bit crap and it took its toll on Hammond and Co. They were (I am guessing) a little rusty from not playing for so long and it could have been better. Do I blame him? No. He had a bad crowd to deal with...

Overall, Hammond really did perform well despite the circumstances. Hopefully he gets a better crowd on any upcoming tours he has...or else it will be painfully boring for him.

Photo courtesy of Fresh Bread

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