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Friday, July 18, 2008

Karen O Announces Side Project

As the Yeah Yeah Yeahs continue on making their third album, Karen O has just announced she will play two inimate shows with her side project "Native Korean Rock".

The shows will happen on July 21st at Union Pool (wooo Karen getting back to her BK routes!)

The tickets are on sale now through Ticketweb...not sure if they will be sold out when you try to purchase them but good luck.

Here's all the info from the official YYYs website:

"Native Korean Rock is a side project of mine comprised of a body of love songs written over the last two years, to be performed with a motley crew of NYC natives. Expect high drama, high stakes in two intimate performances.

Does Native Korean Rock have anything to do with Yeah Yeah Yeahs? NO

Are these the leaked demos of years ago? NO"

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