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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Likely Listens - Alphabeat

Alphabeat are the most perfect 80's band ever...its a shame they were babies in the 80's.

Regardless of what year they were born, this band have created one of the most catchy albums of the year with their self titled album...its definitely going to be a Top 10 of 2008 (so far!).

Hailing from Denmark, their already a huge success in their native country and are creeping their way up to strdom in the UK. Of course, the US is the last to know about anything (unless its midwestern rock) but hopefully Alphabeat will make a name for themselves with their killer single "Fascination".

Here is the video for "Fascination":

Now, don't tell me you didn't get out of your seat and dance...

1 comment:

Cygirl said...

Why are the Scandinavians so good at the pop? It's interesting... Cold weather and alcoholism make for great pop heritage?