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Monday, December 18, 2006

And We Thought Pete Doherty Had The Best Drug Connections?!

Apparently NOT! The only thing Pete misses about his old band, The Libertines is his ex-band mate Carl Barat and his drugs contacts. Restarting the old feud with Carl, Pete states, "Do I miss him? He used to get me good crack. That'll do, 'innit? He's still really pisted off. But I know he's not like that. He's someone who likes drinking. That's the hypocrisy of it."

On his views about his old band and drugs he says, "I paid the price. I got kicked out of the band. And with nothing, no sweat from anyone, we got it together with Babyshambles. We really got it. All he's got is the fact that he was in the best band and now he's in the worst band. And he needs to sort that out."

Well...let round 1657 begin! FYI Pete...Dirty Pretty Things are pretty fucking awesome and at least were sober enough to tour and show up to their gigs.

NY Broad x

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