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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Cat Stevens aka Yusuf Islam at Jazz at Lincoln Center

Last night I was lucky enough to catch Cat Stevens aka Yusuf Islam at Jazz at Lincoln Center for what proved to be one of the most incredible performances I had ever seen. Chatting for a bit with Nic Harcourt from KCRW and then performing a set of old favorites and new gems was just mind blowing.

I don't remember the whole set but I do know that the old tracks like "The Wind" and "Peace Train" sounded exactly the way I wanted them to live. I couldn't imagine that he had ever retired from playing live for almost two decades.

Coming out for an unexpected encore and playing "Father and Son" I actually fucking cried. I couldn't deal with how emotional the whole night was, the performance and the fact that Cat Stevens Yusuf whatever has been blessed with an ability to really tell a story through music and reach a part of a person that most artists can't even fathom.

If you have never listened to Cat Stevens I would highly recommend my two favorite albums, Tea For The Tillerman and Teaser and the Firecat but hearing new songs off of An Other Cup got me equally as excited to really sit down and fall in love with it.

I can't expess how wonderful this performance was. To hear it in full go HERE

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