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Monday, December 11, 2006

Tahita Bulmer From New Young Pony Cub Is My New Hero

Playing their first ever gig in New York on Saturday, New Young Pony Club apparently tore down the house and rocked Brooklyn hard. Playing to guests like Nick Zinner and James Iha, the band played a nice 30 minute set for the Brooklyn hipsters at The White Room for the Modular Xmas Party

The setlist is as follows:
'Get Lucky'
'The Bomb'
'Hiding On The Stair Case'
'Ice Cream'

Now, why she's my hero you ask? Check out this quote from Tahita about the show: "It went relatively well considering I had a sore throat," she explained. "There were clearly plenty of people who were digging it -especially at the front - but there were also a lot of hipsters who might as well have been looking at pictures of elephant dung. It would have been nicer if some of those people had responded."

Fucking genius...

Thanks to for the info and the quote. I couldn't be there because I had a big Xmas party to go to...but from what I heard it was packed and awesome.

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