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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Time Warner Is Evil

My apologies for the lack of posting. During my lovely vacaton some asshole at Time Warner Cable decided it would be fun to disconnect me from the internet for 3 days. It truly sucked and left me unable to update the site. Thanks for your patience and let the fun begin!

NY Broad x


alexvcable said...

Time warner is evil ask me i work for them as a sub-contracter. we are paid by piece-rate not by the hour so why do customers seem not to understand free means an exterior installation. why do people move in to a house and choose to place the tv in the oppisite corner where the existing wallplate is as if the previous tenant had no concept to light precipitation or fung-shuay or just felt they had to be a bit differant,then expect to have thier service tech to reroute the whole wirinf schematic that same day for free in a timely manner at piece-rate. A secret is that each line with a cable box and customer ed. is all worth to the service tech a big 6$ before taxes. We wait atleast 5-10 minutes for a rep. to activate the boxes,sometimes up to an hour. Some guys used to make 300$dollars daily, now its more like 80-90$ a day.All exp. techs are going to construction, cable is dead and so is the service once provided. I have Directv, thank you.

Anonymous said...

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