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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Not Alright Still

LILY ALLEN...thank you so much for announcing UK tour dates. Thats great and I am so fucking glad that people the the UK can enjoy you live BUT I WANT TO SEE YOU IN THE STATES!!!!! Anyway, for all you UK readers here are the tourdates courtesy of NME

Manchester, Academy (October 21)
Newcastle, University (22)
Glasgow, ABC (23)
Edinburgh, Corn Exchange (25)
Leeds, University (26)
Liverpool, University (27)
Sheffield, Leadmill (28)
Norwich, UEA (30)
Cambridge Junction (31)
Bristol, Academy (November 1)
Portsmouth, Pyramids (3)
Birmingham (4)
London, Astoria (6)

After a two week run Lily's "Smile" was knocked off the charts by sad. Her album didn't go to #1 was beaten out by Razorlight! i think its because they offered themselves up for breakfast with fans.

In other news, the American teenage world will be very sad to find out that Teen People has closed its doors as a publication! Man, now we can't see Danity Kane or some new P Diddy affiliated act on the cover...I'm crying inside

NY Broad X

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