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Friday, July 21, 2006

The rise and fall of the Empire!

Well, I don't know if anyone who reads thia blog is following the rise and fall of the almighty piece of shit fuckfaces named Kasabian BUT basically they kicked out their main songwriter and brains behind everything, Christopher Karloff. We were all left in the dark until they decided to talk a load of shit and probably pay off NME and The Sun in exchange for who knows what. Anyway, was on the kasabian messageboard and this girl allyson85 hit the nail on the head by writing this:

"What kind of bizarre relationship (no pun intended) has Kasabian established with the SUN!? "I will give you all sorts of breaking news and interviews in return for you guys bumming us to bits and slagging of Christopher"? I feel like that is all they are writing about these days.

Don't get me started on that fat cow Victoria Newton claiming that the loss of Chris K doesnt matter at all because no one knows who he was. BULLSHIT. And I think Kasabian are finally realizing just how much it actually matters, and how badly they handled the whole situation, and now they are scared.

So the interview in todays Sun is clearly an effort to make them look like Heroes again. But the damage control, in my opinion, has just made them look even worse. I cannot believe Tom expects the fans to just get behind every decision that the band makes without us having our own opinions. We aren't whineging, but we do have minds of our own, and when Kasabian decide to act like a bunch of rock stars with a god complex, we are going to complain. First, they replace Karloff with this JAY bloke who cant sing or play nearly as well as Karloff and pretend that we aren't going to notice! They play a bunch of festivals without coming on this website and explaining to all of us what was going on. Then we find out that they kicked out one of their main songwriters, and in my opinion, the most talented one of the bunch, and release some bitchy statement making it clear to us that they are the ones that asked HIM to leave. They realize that they have made some people angry by doing this, so they come on here, and in true Nazi fashion start taking down all posts (on here and Myspace) that say nice things about Chris and criticize them. And they expect us to be behind them with all our love and support...Then they go back to the Sun and try to change their story and make it seem like it was Chris that was the problem. I have issues with all that. They say that after the tour, he wanted to go home to his house in America rather than go back to Leicester with the rest of the boys. Well my question is, what is wrong with that! What, did they want him to go live with them in their houses and wipe their arses for them every morning. Then they claim that Christopher was never in the studio and that they had no choice but to ask him to leave...well if i do recall, and I think it was Bubbs that noticed this as well, there are photos in NME of Christopher in the studio with them. So what, did they let him come in to the studio, lay down all his parts, and THEN give him the boot! nice one lads!
And then, they have the nerve to go to the Sun, their new best mates, and tell them that we are a bunch of whinegers and we need to get behind them because they know whats best! Sorry mates, you make good music, but you all have some serious ego problems!

Oh, and nice one denying the Kelly Osbourne thing when she herself made statements that the whole thing did happen...but I'm sure you are telling the truth Tom. You have higher morals and more loyalty than that. Oh, and Serge. It's kind of hard to say that modelling for Armani is such bullshit, and a rock star should never become a model, when you guys are posted all over Burberrys fall campaign. Way to go lads. You seem like a bunch of tip top chaps!

The damage control did not really work for me. You boys just seem a little desperate now."

Fucking genius! By the way, whats up with this shit album artwork too?

NY Broad x

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